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Eco upcycling

The ECO - Upcycling training was organise in Fuzine in Croatia between 20-28th of October 2020. 25 participants from 5 organisations have been learning about ecology and upcycling. Training was based on non-formal education methodology where participants could develop thier competances in field of ecology, environmental issues, upcycling, creating new valuable objects from old items or rubbish.

Sewing for social inclusion

The Sewing for social inclusion was organised in Murzasichle (Poland), between 15th and 23rd of November.25 participants from 5 organisations where developing their competance in sewing craft  and social inclusion. They were sewing from old clothets and materials in groups for social inclusion.

Eco entrepreneurship

The Eco entrepreneurship trainig took place in Greece between 24th and 30th of May 2022. Participants where developing their competencies in field of eco-entrepreneurship and the methods and tools to provide eco-entrepreneurship education for youth.

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