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Do you want to know how to get into sewing clothes? Sewing for beginners can be scary, but the different sewing tutorials will really help you to get started with learning to sew – and you’ll be sewing with confidence in no time!

Types Of Sewing

There are different types of sewing, and which you choose will depend a lot on what you’d like to sew.

● Hand sewing

● Machine sewing

● Embroidery

● Quilting

These things will make you a nice little sewing kit:



Measuring tape

Air soluble/water soluble marking pens

Seam Ripper

Beeswax - Sounds odd, I know. But essential for hand sewing.

Thimbles - These can be wood, leather or metal. They'll keep your fingers from getting sore and/or pricked.

Thread or Floss -


Tips for Successful Sewing

1. Read the sewing pattern several times before doing anything. I try to imagine making it step-by-step and thinking ahead to the next stage. This can help to avoid sewing things wrongly together and having to unpick.

2. Always pin perpendicularly in the seam allowance as you go. Pins are really easy to remove as you sew and pinning fabric pieces together before you sew can also help you see how things fit together.

3. Watch technique tutorials online.

4. Join a Sew-Along. Many sewing pattern companies have started doing Sew-Alongs when they launch new sewing patterns. These guide you through each step/process over a period of time so you get the best results from your pattern.

5. Invest in some good books to explain techniques and garment construction

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