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How to sell upcycled clothing

As a sustainable business, sewing and creating different fabric-based items is an excellent idea. Old fabrics from clothes, curtains, sheets, bedding and more can be re-used to create new products if the fabric is still in good enough condition.

There’s always a market for vintage looking items, so older, more faded looking fabric can always be used somewhere. Sewing is a very easy sustainable business to start as all you need to do is get some fabric, a sewing machine and some simple patterns to get you started with.

Tips for Selling Upcycled Clothing Online

1. Choose the right platform

To sell upcycled clothing, consider platforms like Etsy or ASOS Marketplace that are known to sell upcycled goods.

2. Focus on lighting

Natural light captures products in their truest form and is the most flattering light for nearly all photographs.

3. Photograph your clothing against a neutral background so that your buyers can see the product clearly.

4. If you can guarantee that a brand name or label is authentic your chances of selling automatically increase.

5. Be honest and inform your buyer of any damaged goods

What consumers want is for you as a seller to be transparent and honest with them about any faults with the clothing you are reselling.

6. Write a description that sells

Once you’ve got the description nailed, be sure not to forget the key points of the product that people will also want to know such as size, dimensions if you have them and the quality it’s in.

7. It can be difficult to tell what the right price is for an upcycled goods because they can no longer be priced at the same value that they were once worth.

8. Communication is key in making any effective sale. Talk to them and encourage them to see the value and what you’re reselling.

And also we can mention about offline platform:

The idea of a charity shop is the promotion of ecological culture, smart consumption: things have unused value, so things can either be reused or become the basis for creating something new. The store could not be only a place to sell things, master classes are also held in the premises of the institution, there is a place for communication.

Upcycling clothing on a regular basis will ultimately combat the environmental consequences of fast fashion for the foreseeable and is a great way for online sellers to engage eco-conscious consumers. Selling upcycled clothing online reduces your textile waste, the need for raw materials AND increases your income!

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