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“Green business”

Solutions for the world ecology started to become in the creative ideas for business. People all over the world every year implement their eco- ideas. For example:

1. Mushrooms instead of plastic.

It is not a secret that our Earth is very polluted with plastic that might not decompose up to 700 years. That’s why in 2010 2 students proposed interesting alternative – mushrooms. They are produced thanks to reproduction of agricultural trash, where mushrooms are growing during 120 hours. At the end, very strong and easy decomposed material, from which you can produce different types of packing materials is created. This start -up with the name Ecovative, attracted $14 millions investment and have 65 people as staff. In 2015 Ecovative became first eco-company that was listed in Forbes as “Most bright stars of business younger than 30 years old”

2. Shower that helps to save water

In 2015 a new invention – Nebia Shower was presented in Mexico. This is modern cap for shower that save up to 70% of water. Idea belongs to famous designer Richard Fooler who proposed to use in the shower the method of spray droplets. After 50 years, start-up Nebia decided to incorporate this idea. The cap sprays water in small drops, creating sort of a fog, thanks to what more water is coming to the body. This type of the shower uses about 2-3 liters of water in a minute, when a normal cap about 9-10. Besides that, due to drops air is heated up more effective.

Using this cap is very profitable for the organizations that has a lot of shower rooms.

3. Restore forest with Maraquia project

In November 2013 the project Maraquia was started, which allows to plan a tree in any part of the world with just one click. The team is connected with forestmen in different countries that have special mobile app. After they look for a specific part of the forest where, for example, trees are killed by a fire. The mobile app fixes geo data of this place and passes it to the database of the project.

Every person interested to plant trees needs to enter the web page, select part of the forest and pay the the seedings. Prices are set by a forest man, who is planting the trees. You can also follow the growth of our tree via the app.

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