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Five plus one smart ways of Up cycling


How are you?

Long time without meet each other. Ok don’t worry we understand. Corona first and then summer and vacations took the first place in our priorities.

Now as the summer goes to its end -we are really sad for this- and during our lazy time in vacations we tried to thing some easy ways for old things upcycling. Don’t think it’s something difficult. Instead! It can be a play for all of you!

So take a look at the list below aaand here we up cycling!!


Beverage Tubs

If there's no place to park them, scarves, gloves, and hats can become a tangled heap in your entryway, complicating matters for anyone on their way out the door. To store winter items that can slip off conventional shelves, mount galvanized-steel beverage tubs to the wall above a row of coat hooks. To hang them: Locate and mark the wall studs, then drill at least two holes for each tub, making sure one goes into a stud and using a toggle-bolt anchor in the other hole. Drill corresponding holes on the bottom of each tub, and use deck screws to fasten them to the wall. Check for level and adjust the tubs as needed. They'll add a touch of rustic charm in an entryway—and keep the party spirit alive for months to come.


When you're planning a remodel, why hide color swatches and inspiration materials in a file folder? Put them on display on a propped-up wood shutter, and you can review and add to your collection easily. If you don't have a shutter ready for reuse, pick one up at a home center or local salvage yard. (Guard against potential lead-paint hazards by coating old painted shutters with a spray-on satin-finish clear polyurethane to keep the exterior from chipping.) Simple binder clips keep items securely in place but allow them to be moved as your ideas take shape.

Mason Jars

Do you want to have your handcrafted chandelier paying almost nothing while the same time you go deep to Up Cycling? Ok then! Τake an old wood 30cmX50cm, 5m of chain some meters of electric cable and some bulbs (ecological of course). Make some holes to the wood according to the jags you want to use, then hang the jars using the chain and the cable with the bulbs. At the end hang the chandelier from the ceiling and that’s the end.

Ice Cube Tray and Bakeware

Turn a cluttered kitchen catchall into neatly organized storage by repurposing items you already have on hand. Use an ice cube tray, a few baking pans, and some clothespins, but anything from tin cans to take-out containers can do the trick. Empty the drawer and toss anything that’s truly junk. Set aside the stuff you want to stash, then arrange your containers Tetris-style so they fit snugly in the drawer. Give them a couple of coats of spray paint to unify the disparate materials. Once they’re dry, place the containers back in the drawer, and you’re ready to divide and conquer.

Plastic Bottles

Starting seeds indoors? Mini greenhouses, made by slicing the bottoms off plastic bottles, can encourage them to germinate. The see-through incubators help keep soil evenly moist while blocking drafts and allowing you to keep an eye on the sprouts’ progress. Once they’re on their feet, you can transition them to the real world by putting the pots on a porch or stoop and removing the cloches—during the day only, if you can’t resist coddling your seedlings a little bit longer.

Too hot and steamy? Twist off the bottle cap to let in fresh air.

So…. these for the moment. We will come back with more!

Till then keep alive the global advise. Reduce-reuse-recycle!!


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